I’m a Creative Director living and working wherever exciting briefs pop up. Over the last 10 years, I've been lucky enough to work in leading advertising agencies creating beautiful campaigns and brand experiences. The work I've done never drew a line between online, offline or any other channels and was made for wherever the idea or design worked best. I had the chance to work with many talented people at agencies such as kempertrautmann, Leagas Delaney, Serviceplan, TBWA\MediaArtsLab, Grabarz&Partner and Kolle Rebbe. On the way, I’ve also won some nice awards, but am a little bit prouder of some cycling medals that demanded quite some pain as well.

So if you need some help on a project send me a text or ring. If I don’t respond I’m probably outside enjoying gelato.

+49 (0) 1520 350 37 20

Freelance Creative Art Director working and living nomadic across Europe

Client: EKN
Agency: Kolle Rebbe
Role: Senior Art Director
Team: Sascha Hanke, Christoph Schönbäck

Over the past few decades, the global footwear market has been filled with poorly constructed, synthetic shoes. The materials used in the manufacturing process are harmful to the environment, the workers and the consumers. In response to that EKN footwear was founded. The products are handmade by experienced craftsmen in Portugal with organic material sourced from the highest quality suppliers.

This commitment to sustainability should be the very first message consumers receive about ekn, when they open the box. Therefore we created a simple yet innovative packaging idea. Instead of attaching the laces to the shoes we used them to illustrate a polluting factory on the top of the box. In order to open the box, the laces have to be pulled – turning the factory into a universal symbol for nature: a tree. This way, we showed that ekn consumers can walk clean in a dirty world.