I’m a Creative Director living and working wherever exciting briefs pop up. Over the last 10 years, I've been lucky enough to work in leading advertising agencies creating beautiful campaigns and brand experiences. The work I've done never drew a line between online, offline or any other channels and was made for wherever the idea or design worked best. I had the chance to work with many talented people at agencies such as kempertrautmann, Leagas Delaney, Serviceplan, TBWA\MediaArtsLab, Grabarz&Partner and Kolle Rebbe. On the way, I’ve also won some nice awards, but am a little bit prouder of some cycling medals that demanded quite some pain as well.

So if you need some help on a project send me a text or ring. If I don’t respond I’m probably outside enjoying gelato.

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Freelance Creative Art Director working and living nomadic across Europe
a story about a once thriving place

Back in the days, during the '50s and '60s Bombay Beach was a vibrant holiday resort. Located in California and just a 2-hour drive west from LA. Guests swam, came for golfing, the yacht clubs and partied all night. These days it's an abandoned wasteland. The smell of rotten fish, salt and petrol covers the area. The coastline, once packed with sunbathers is covered in desiccated fish carcasses.

Bombay Beach lies at the Salton Sea, a manmade lake that resulted by an accident. The Colorado River breached its barriers and flooded an entire valley. As this happened right in the desert, near Palm Springs, a new holiday hotspot was created.

The magazine I made takes a look at Bombay beach's remains and talks about the transformation and mistakes that were made trying to rescue the area. It features stories and insights of the people still living there and resist to leave.